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The perfect candle

I love the grapefruit candle! It smells fantastic and it's worth the money. I'm definitely buying again. Also, the soap is amazing!

Pear Handmade Candle
Gabriela Montero
Amazing Organic Candle

Obsessed 🤩

Christmas Memories in a Jar

This candle is a nostalgic trip to holidays spent in the mountains. The scent is authentic and fills my home with the cozy feeling of Christmas. It burns cleanly, and the fragrance lingers even after extinguishing. It's a must-have for anyone who loves the holiday season.

Fraser fir Handmade Candle
Michael Thompson
Soothing Woodsy Aroma

This candle is like a breath of fresh air. The blend of pine and woodsy notes creates a calming ambiance. The fact that it's made with natural soy and coconut wax makes it even better. A great addition to unwind after a long day.

A Year-Round Treat

I adore this candle! It's become a staple in my home, not just during the holidays but throughout the year. The scent is invigorating and manages to capture the essence of Christmas without feeling seasonal. The quality of the wax and wick is top-notch.

True Mountain Freshness

his candle brings the outdoors inside! The fragrance is wonderfully reminiscent of crisp mountain air and fir trees. It's a perfect balance—not overpowering but enough to create a cozy atmosphere. I appreciate the natural ingredients used.

Captures the Essence of Winter

Absolutely love this candle! The scent is like a walk through a snowy forest—so refreshing and calming. It burns evenly and fills the room with a delightful aroma that instantly transports me to holiday memories. Highly recommend!

Judy Cook
Jasmine by Firebotanics is Just Perfect

It's difficult finding a good jasmine candle, as it's one of my favorite flowers and scents. When this company first advertised on Facebook, I took a chance on their jasmine candle knowing it's a rare scent to find. The service and quality are wonderful. I'm a repeat customer.

Golden Goat Milk
Judy Cook
Golden Goat Milk Soap Bar Treat

I was given a bonus gift in my last candle order of this beautiful golden soap bar. What a treat to have this light floral scented bar decorate my sink and provide clean, softened hands. I love the generous size and simple handmade cut. Soap and candles from Fire Botanics (nice name change!) make a perfect paired gift and home accent! The aromas from both products are so delightfully fresh and calming that I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of the soap line.

Palo Santo Handmade Candle
Gabriela Montero
Best candle ever!!!

I was sooo surprised by the smell of the candle, it melts evenly and packaged so incredible. I’ve tried many candles in the past and no one like this! 100% recomend it!!!

Great candles!

My family loves their candles and enjoyed sharing the scents with each other. Nice packaging and delivery. Thank you!

Rosé All Day
Steve A.

Wonderful candle with good scent and burns for more than 50hrs. Couldn't ask for more...

Judy C.

Thought I'd expand my candle choices and included Lilac, which a friend of mine mentioned she was studying. I bought one for me and one for her. It's lovely, delicate, subtle w/o being too perfumery. I never had a lilac candle before, but I know my best friend is going to love the gesture. On top of that, Milena was so kind to include a gorgeous candle wick trimmer in the package, which has elevated my candle care experience. Thank you!

Fresh roses fill the air

Firecandle hit the mark on the scent of fresh roses. It's quickly become one of my favorite candles that freshens the air and transforms a room.

True, pure rose

Incredible fragrance, absolutely intoxicating. Rose is my favorite floral fragrance, and A Hundred Roses nails it.

Delightful scent! Jasmine sticker very pretty and feminine. Packaging was exceptional and will purchase again..

Smell is wonderful. So pleasant. Thank you

Love my new candle!

Love our Fire candle!! Is burning pretty clean and the scent is divine! Not too overly scented just perfect!!

Beautiful scent. Packaging was exceptional. Definitely will purchase again.

It smells soooo delicious and authentic

One was broken usps fault

Black Pepper & Cardamom
Patricia F.

Love the fragrance! Will buy more of the same!

Rosemary Tangerine
Joyce P.

Bought the candle for a gift! Almost kept for myself! Lol. Smells absolutely lovely... and the recipient loved it too!! The combination is so perfect...beautiful!

Received my cotton wick Jasmine candle to replace the wood wick. It lights easily and has a wonderful fragrance.